Does your art group need an engaging, inspiring program?

Get a better understanding of abstract art!

People don’t think they like abstract art, but it is really that no one has helped them understand it.

“We were so excited by Polly’s PowerPoint talk.

Abstract art finally made sense to us and now we wanted to try it.

And thank you so much for the permission and encouragement to paint in our own way.”

M. Morrison

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Abstraction: From Realism through Non-Objective Art

This image-rich presentation explores the various degrees of abstraction from impressionism all the way to non-objective art.

This talk is available both in person or on zoom.

Contact me here if you are interested.

Juror or Judge

Polly is available to be a juror or a judge for your show.

She has a rubric based on the elements of visual language,

which goes beyond taste, style, or subject matter,

to discern and analyze what makes a painting successful.

Contact her here to inquire or make arrangements.