Mentorship & Critiques

Need help meeting your art goals?

Need guidance to improve your art?

Do you need a mentorship relationship that nurtures your artistic progress?

Are you:

  • lacking direction or inspiration?
  • unhappy with your artistic results?
  • or unsure about your creative voice?

I can help with this Art Mentorship Program.

Here’s some of what we can work on together:


  • evaluate of your current work
  • get coaching on materials and processes
  • discover how to make potent, authentic work
  • understand value, color theory, and composition
  • utilize design principles
  • expand your mark making repertoire
  • find the best schedule for your art practice


  • clarify your vision for your work
  • define your goals
  • have an action plan to meet your goals
  • explore your next steps to take
  • have accountability


  • get past any creative blocks
  • learn how to quiet the inner critic
  • identify and address your key areas of challenge
  • uncover and develop your strengths
  • have your work express more of who you are
  • decipher your creative voice

I will:

  • assist you and follow your lead
  • give you honest feedback
  • support your goals
  • help you make progress
  • empower you to move forward

Sign up for my Art Mentorship Program!

6 one-on-one sessions on zoom
(30 minutes each)

(You’ll get a link to schedule our first session)

$300.00Add to cart

Need objective feedback on your art?

Join our monthly Group Critique on Zoom!

  • a safe, positive place to have your artwork evaluated
  • understand why a piece is or isn’t working
  • learn how to evaluate your work for yourself
  • be part of a growing community
  • see your progress over time

Submit from one to three pieces for critique via email by three days before; depending on how many participants there are, we’ll review one or all.

First Sunday of each month at 4:00pm EST

One time or occasional participation:

$300.00Add to cart

Ongoing subscription: $20/month    COMING SOON!

In-person critiques for your group are also available.

Contact Polly here if interested.