About My Art

Are you ready for art
that feeds your soul?

I love to paint ideas, more than people, places, or things. I love to start with an abstract idea, and then conceptually represent it.

The first idea I painted was “confidence,” followed by summing up the essence of “July.” After that, I was hooked.

I feel energized when I paint in this fresh and thoughtful way, and the result is very creative, authentic, and engaging. Because it’s so content driven, people who have purchased my work say it communicates a feeling of fullness, vibrance, satisfaction, and joy.

I have been in dozens of juried shows, including national, international, and museum shows, as well having many one woman shows.

People who come to my one woman shows often tell me they didn’t think they liked abstract art, but that they really love mine. They appreciate its color and texture, and that it’s filled with intention, actually having something to say, which is why they respond so positively to it.

Polly’s art on our walls makes us joyful everyday.

The two paintings we bought uplift the room and exude happiness.
It’s a treasure to see them as we walk downstairs.
Emily K.

“I get so happy when I see your paintings. I really do.

They bring me such joy. I feel your heart when I see them.” 

N. Hatcher

How does art make you feel?  

Does it nourish your soul?  

When was the last time you saw art that stirred something deep within you?

Does the art you’ve chosen for your home make you feel good?

I hope you find something on this site you really resonate with, which will bless your home and your daily life.

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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Wassily Kandinsky